- demons in my head -

There was a time when I forgot to enjoy life and wasted time feeling awful about something that really shouldn't matter.
I didn't care about what other people fought. The only thing in my mind was how much calories it was in that salad,
how much I hated to see myself in the mirror and how much I hated myself. 

When people asked me what my dream was, I told them "to be free from all the demons in my head"

Today I'm trying to create a project that will make me feel more beautiful,
because I choosed my life instead of eating disorder.
#1 - - Annsoh:

fin:) vad händer idag :)?

#2 - - Veronica - var dig själv, för alla andra finns redan:

Grymt inlägg! Du är verkligen en inspiratör!

#3 - - Malin:

Jättesnygg bild på dej!
/ Malin