Swedish pride

In a few weeks I'll be standing there again. Last year it was amazing, so much love
that you could almost touch it. That day symbolizes freedom, love, passion and equality.
It's too bad that this day couldn't be like that everyday. I feel so warm inside when people
feel like they could be their true selves without anyone judging. I hope that it will stay like
that forever, because we deserve it! #pridefestival2015 #LOVE
Last year I was documenting Jonas Hallberg and his babes day and it was the best day!
I had so much fun and I got so many new friends, wich was lucky because I was new in this city.
Unfortunately it won't be the same this year, but I'll definetely be there with my camera and 
document my whole day with so much love that you can't imagine!
26 days left until Barcelona